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Do you miss the time when grandpa used to pick you up to go to the theatre on a sunday afternoon? When theatre was so much bigger and more exiting then TV and the great fairytales and myths followed you in your dreams? DNS takes you back to those days with a Norwegian version of Charles Dickens heart-warming tale the Christmas Carol.

A Christmas Carol

It is Christmas Eve and old Ebenezer Scrooge refuses to give his employees and himself a day off. He hates Christmas and seems allergic to any form of kindness that comes with the festivities. The same night he is visited by his dead business associate Jacob Marley who is forever cursed to wander the earth with heavy chains as form of punishment for his greedy and selfish lifestyle. Scrooge faces the same consequences if he does not follow the duty he receives from Marley and eventually changes for the better. From there on the story follows Scrooge into his past, facing all his mistakes and regrets and inevitably leads to the final decision that will define his fate.

Better than your daily soap

Director Tim Carroll tells this story with great devotion to little details. The stage design sparks the imagination of the audience in more ways than any cinema camera would be able to. It has all the moral lessons, drama and heart-warming moments one expects from such a classic tale and everyone, no matter young or old, will find themselves laughing at some point during the play.

We at Skumma Kultur highly recommend “En Julefortelling” at DNS, but since you will not be able to wait for Christmas once you see the play, you might want to wait a few weeks before you go. It should be a great occasion for you to pick up your grandpa this time.


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