Review: Gods will be watching

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Gods Will Be Watching is a masterpiece, point-and-click adventure made by Deconstructeam, a part of Devolver Digital. Now what is the most defining part of this game? I would have to say the utter pain and malice that you are able to inflict upon your characters with whom you play with.

Pain and Violence

Torture? Oh yes. Human-testing of drugs? Most definitely. Hostage situations? Check. You see all of these situations through incredible eight-bit graphics. Now you might say that’s so retro, and only hipsters would play this game. But that would be unfair. This game truly gives you a look into your own morals. After every level you are given a statistical analysis of how you delt with the situations that you encountered. Were you kind? Were you suicidal? Gods Will Be Watching analyzes your game play and compares you success and failure to the other people who play this bloody adventure.

Are we the bad guys?

How about terrorism? You also get to play as biochemical ecoterrorists. The story goes into the extreme with details. You play as Seargent Durden and are able to talk to every character you come into contact with. I’m not sure there is a single character that could be described as good. Every character is designed to be both lovable and destable. A part of being human is trying to survive every circumstance that is thrown at you and this game will push you to your limit. You will lose, but that is part of the fun.


I would not suggest this game for the faint of heart. It contains blood, gore, and situations that shouldn’t be laughed at but are. I personally am a fan of all of the games that Devolver Digital comes out with. Dark humor, intense story lines, and funky music, I think are a wonderful recipe for video games. Play at your own risk, and have fun.

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