Time for choices in Ukraine

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The discussion continued during the meeting organized by two members of Studentersamfunnet in Bergen, Benoît David and Iurii Kozik. Attending the meeting was Mikhail Minakov, Ukrainian professor of philosphy and political studies in Kiev. Minakov also works with the Council of Europe and the UN.

During his visit to Nyhetsuka last friday, Kozik quoted Shakespeare to enlighten the events in his country.
Before being killed Mackbeth says: – Until the forest of Birnam gets up and moves, I will be king for my entire natural life.
In the last act a messenger comes and says: – I looked towards Birnam, and I thought I saw the forest begin to move.

Kozik was right, soon the forest of Maidan threw Janoukovitch from his golden throne.

 What did all these people die for? We want the impeachment of the President, says Kozik.

Mikhail Minakov took part in the protests but left Ukraine in the beginning of February. He could tell the audience that every millimeter of the Maidan square was covered in blood. Ukrainians demonstrators think in terms of direct action as a result of the failure of institutions. Just for the anecdote, he is saying that walking through the cobbled streets of Bergen he thought those would be good stones for their cause.

The EU allowed Janoukovitch to spread the violence

Iurii Kozik is very critical against EU and its apathy and inaction. Wasting time meant paying with more and more lifes of Ukrainians. The bitterness is even higher since joining the EU was a source of hope for Ukrainians and the trigger of this crisis. But Minakov underlines the importance of EU while Ukraine is lacking people able to run the country.

 There’s no good guy

So said Mikhail Minakov when he was asked who can be the leader in Ukraine now. He agrees with Kozik who explained that the opposition was not united as a political force, it was united against a common enemy. Maidan gathered people with totally different backgrounds. He portrays Timochenko as controversial character, hungry for power and concludes encouraging a revival.

 Let the new generation start.  

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