The Bergen Student Radio is Bergen’s oldest local radio, and it first started broadcasting in 1982. We broadcast commercial free radio every hour of every week, and we are the main concessionaire on FM 107.8 Mhz. Since spring of 2019, SriB has also broadcasted radio on DAB.

The Bergen Student Radio is run by approx. 200 volunteers, who are divided into six editorials; news & society, topicality, music, culture, humor & entertainment and web. The Student Radio administration has a partially paid full-time general manager and responsible editior.

Our administration is partially paid. The editor-in-chief is a full time position, while the executive- and technical directors are part time positions.

Most of our members are Norwegian, but we warmly welcome international students to fill out our application form to join us in the beginning of the semester here.

The Bergen Student Radio produces radio by and for students. Our aim is to be an alternative to commercial and state-owned radio stations in Bergen. Find us on FM 107.8 Mhz, DAB, online radio or wherever you listen to podcasts.

Contact information

Editorial Staff: 980 09 956
Adress: Parkveien 1, 5007 Bergen

Editorial staff

  • Editor-in-chief:

    Michael Fabregas Breien
    Tlf: 414 88 274

  • Webmaster:

    Magnus Danielsen
    Tlf: 915 97 505

  • Editor of news & society:

    Sander Hauan
    Tlf: 480 76 568

  • Editor of topicality:

    Silje Kvalsvik Olsen
    Tlf: 975 15 678

  • Editor of culture:

    Karen Torp Maaseide
    Tlf: 406 07 969

  • Editor of music:

    Lone Gunnerud
    Tlf: 912 43 574

  • Editor of humor a& entertainment:

    Ole Jacob Broch
    Tlf: 934 30 855



  • Executive director:

    Kjerstin Bråten
    Tlf: 482 93 730
  • Mangler bilde
    Head of PR and communication:

    Tiril Amalie Johansen
    Tlf: 952 42 155
  • Mangler bilde
    Technical director:

    Christian Engelsen
    Tlf: 995 87 363


The Board

Chairman:Magnus Nordal Røtnes,
Vice Chairman: Maria Gunnarsdotter Svedal
Elected Representative: Silje Hammersborg
Responsible for Development: Markus R. Malmo
Representative from Velferdstinget: Mathias Sann
Representative from Velferdstinget: Øyvind Skartveit
Board member: Sigrun Thorne
Board member: Sofie Hough
1. Deputy Representative: Tarjei Elias Valle Kvamme
2. Deputy Representative: Markus André Pedersen
3. Deputy Representative: Jørgen Berner Wilhelmsen

(If there are any inconsistencies in our articles, please let us know by sending us a mail at or

About our web pages

The websites are developed by Tormod Husebø, Christian Emil Narvesen, Elisabeth Urdal and Paul Grant.