Do you want to work behind the scenes?

The student radio in Bergen has its own development team that further develops current systems, and works on new projects that improves the everyday life for the rest of the employees in the radio. To join the development team, it is an great advantage to master basic IT knowledge, but we of course welcome you all to an unobtrusive conversation!

Do you want to join, or just know more?

Send mail to webmaster Magnus Danielsen ( or the technical manager Christian Engelsen (

Your very own program!

Are you dreaming about getting your own radio program broadcast on the air? You can now submit a pilot for the Autumn Semester 2020!

The limitations are few and the possibilities are many – the theme or genre is entirely up to you! All you have to do is to create a pilot and a program description and send it to us. The student radio sets you up with loans of the studio and guidance throughout the process.

Can I apply?

Good news everyone! You don’t have to be a student for you to submit a pilot to the Student Radio – anyone who wants to create a weekly program can apply. Experience with radio systems is not necessary, but it is an advantage.

Listen to the intro for the Student Radio here:

What is a pilot?

A pilot is a trial brodcast that shows how the program you want to make sounds. It is this trial broadcast that forms the basis of the selection, and therefore it is very important that the trial broadcast is well done. We are mainly looking for programs that lasts for one hour.


Program description

We would like you to sumbit a written description of your program, which should contain the following items:

– What should the program be called?
– What is it about?
– Who is the target audience, and how are you going to reach them?
– How would a typical broadcast look like?
– Who are the members in the program, and what kind of experience do they have?
– Are you prepared to commit ten hours of your week to the program? The employee agreement that everyone in the Student Radio must sign, commits you to this.


The sooner you submit the pilot and the program description, the better.

All contributions will be considered, but emphasis will be placed on creativity and whether the program stands out from the Student Radio’s other programs.

Does this sound tempting? Visit us at floor 3+ at the Student Center, and we will have a closer discussion about your idea. You can also send an e-mail to the editior-in-chief of the Student Radio, Michael Breien at or call 41488274, if you have any questions.

Sumbit your pilot to, or upload to Soundcloud.

Do you want to join one of our current programs?

If you want to apply for an already existing program at the Student Radio in Bergen, you can use the application form under:


E-mail adress

Phone number


What are you studying?

Experience from media or other organizations

Preferred area?

Morning showNews and social issuesHumour and entertainmentMusicCultureWeb moderationPR and communicationTechnical

Is there a spesific show you would like to join?

Why would you like to join the student radio?