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Last Friday night, running late as always, the Blah Blah Woof Woof team jumped into a taxi and headed towards the unfamiliar surrounds of NHH (hey, we’re not economists). Andrew and Maggi had been invited by Brilliance Records to check out their newest signing; the always quirky, never boring, Kakkmaddafakka. Revered for their live show, the Bergen locals promised to put on a night of non-stop good times, whilst also offering a taste of new tracks that will feature on their upcoming studio album, set to be released later this year.

On stage

The thin crowd didn’t deter Kakkmaddafakka from putting on a vintage performance. Those who attended were treated to a familiar mix of high-energy indie rock guitar sounds, endearingly simple pop lyrics and the amusing stage antics from a bunch of guys who obviously don’t take themselves too seriously. The band had us hypnotised with their swaying hips, pointed at us to get involved and generally made us feel like we had just stumbled into the house party of the year. Vocalist, Manhattan, is particularly known for his playfulness, constantly involving the crowd with his quirky call and responses.

Lying in my bed with this terrible ache in my head,
But yesterday was great when we were dancing round and singing,
Halo! Halo! Halo! Halo!
– “Drø Sø
Kakkmaddafakka @ NHH. (Photo: Margrethe Vikan Sæbø)
Kakkmaddafakka @ NHH. (Photo: Margrethe Vikan Sæbø)
Kakkmaddafakka @ NHH. (Photo: Andrew Rhodes)
Kakkmaddafakka @ NHH. (Photo: Andrew Rhodes)

In amongst hit singles such as “Restless” and “Your Girl,” the highlight of the night came when the band covered “Bailando,” a track by Belgian Eurodance group Paradisio. The crowd lost their collective shit, making us wonder what kind of reaction this cover version would receive in Latin America, a region where Kakkmaddafakka enjoys a surprisingly large fan base. A quick YouTube search the next day gave us the answer:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SQc1V54bezc]


Ten years and counting

You could easily get swept up in the live performance of Kakkmaddafakka and forget that these are actually a group of very talented artists. It is a point that the band themselves have remarked on, noting that the very thing that made them stand out, the raucous nature of their live show, proved to be the most difficult thing to replicate in the studio. Forming in 2004 for what was supposed to be a one-time concert for friends, the longevity of the band is, however, testament to their ability to do just that; their records ooze with the personality and energy of a Kakkmaddafakka live show.

The growing Kakk

More than 10 years have passed since Kakkmaddafakka played what their bio refers to as the “most spectacular concert Bergen had ever seen.” The band acknowledged the milestone with a sold-out anniversary concert last year in the city where it all started. The show fittingly went on to win a Bergen award for being the “Best Concert” of 2014.

No strangers to the touring circuit, Kakkmaddafakka have played at major festivals all around the world including Icelandic Airwaves, The Secret Garden Party, Hurricane and Arenal. Their time on the road has helped them establish loyal fan clubs in places such as Germany, Spain and Latin America. Last year they played to a packed-out crowd at ‘Vive Latino,’ the biggest festival in Mexico, before touring extensively throughout Europe.

Kakkmaddafakka @ Vive Latino. (Photo: Kakkmaddafakka)
Kakkmaddafakka @ Vive Latino. (Photo: Kakkmaddafakka)

Back in the studio

With three full-length albums already under their belt, Kakkmaddafakka, as their Facebook cover photo suggests, are once again back in the studio. If the new tracks they played last week are anything to go by, we are in for a treat. Your last chance to catch them live before they go into studio hibernation mode is this weekend at By:Larm in Oslo on March 7.

Kakkmaddafakka in the studio (Photo: Eirik Lande)
Kakkmaddafakka in the studio (Photo: Eirik Lande)

Ask The Kakk

Do you ever wonder where the guys get their creativity from? What size shoe Roof wears? Or just what their favourite dinner is? You can ask the band anything by sending your question to: ask.kakk@gmail.com. Maybe your question will  be answered in their next episode on YouTube.

Woof woof.

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