Are you openminded? Curious about cultural differences? Welcome to the studio where we invite immigrants and international students to get their view on life in Norway. Freshen up your pespective and take look at the fjord with flamingos eyes.

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  • #2 Bergen Fishmarked
    Carles and Julia from Spain are pulling up the curtain of the backstage life at Bergen fishmarked - one of the biggest tourist attractions in the city. How is it to speak 8 languages for hours? What does it feel like to be rejected by the customers? What are the highlights of the job and what are they going to do with the money? Here you will get to hear the story of two Spaniards in the fishermans clothing. Big thanks to our good Spanish fridend Montxo and good old Salomon Pousma for the musical contribution <3
  • #1 Student financial support
    Me and Lucas from Portugal are discussing Lånekassen financial support. Does it spoil Norwegians? How is study-money organized in Portugal and Russia? And what message does the state send by organizing financing in a certain way? Tune in and find it out! Btw, woop, woop, that’s our very first episode! Huge thanks to Salomon Poutsma for creating beautiful music for this podcast <3

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