Baggage is a weekly podcast by Freya Elgood Curtis documenting the ups and downs of a year studying abroad and all the emotional baggage that comes with it.

Fresh, honest and insightful.

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Last episodes

  • Episode 4: Long Distance with Jake Moorman
    The concept of maintaining long distance relationships and friendships is the topic of this week's podcast. Jake Moorman joins the discussion, drawing upon his experience in a long distance relationship this year and how he has kept up with his life back home. The recent spread of Coronavirus means that the next broadcast of this episode will be put on hold for the moment.
  • Episode 3: Expectation vs. Reality with Maria Chiara Cicolani
    Good friend Maria Chiara Cicolani joins this week's discussion of the expectations people may have of this year abroad compared to what has actually happened. Social media can damage our perceptions of reality and put pressure on ourselves to appear to be having the 'best time ever'...
  • Episode 2: Identity with Ellie Noyce
    Ellie Noyce is the first guest on the podcast! This episode discusses the concept of identity and how this is affected by a year abroad. Expect mentions of Foals, the 1975, evolving style and long-distance relationships.
  • Episode 1: People Pleasing and the Power of No
    This week's episode explores the deeply stigmatised concept of people pleasing within the context of a year abroad. Moving to a new city with new people and things to do poses new challenges on how to spend your time and money. Saying 'no' to some things doesn't necessarily make you boring, but rather is an essential part of self care.