Welcome to No Way! An international student radio show of Bergen.

In this show we will talk about the news in Norway and interesting topics for international students, do interviews with different people and discover the uncharted world of alternative music.

Latest podcasts

  • No Way #6 Would You Rather
    Today's episode is all about decisions: from noble love to bigger than life-sized ducks, we got it all covered for you! Get ready for the yet most relevant and serious NoWay episode! Enjoy ??
  • NoWay 2021 # 5 Mountains, Fires and Street Arts
    In this episode Louise, Waqas and Aurelija discuss Bergen - the city which has become their home for the time being. Louise tells us about the seven mountains surrounding the city, Waqas dives deeper into the history of Bryggen and Aurelija shares some interesting facts about a couple of numerous fires that the city had experienced. The three hosts also discuss one of Bergen's most noticeable features - street art.
  • NoWay 2021 # 4 The Shapers of Us
    In this episode, Aurelija, Judith and Alex discuss influential people. They raise questions what makes a person an influencer, what is the difference between those who chose influencing as a career and those who do (or did) it without really thinking about it. All three of them talk about certain persons, both dead and alive, who had influenced greatly the presenters themselves and/or the world.
  • NoWay 2021 #3: Movies and Music
    In this episode, Aurelija, Lea and Louise talks about their favorite Movies and the soundtracks of that Music.
  • NoWay 2021 #2 Social Bergen
    It's about the Social Bergen which discusses the comparision of countries and Alexander shares the difference of Masters and Bachelors study in Europe and it also talks about where to socialize in Bergen. In this podcast, they are sharing their experiences in Norway. The radio presenters are Alexander Melrose, Judith Bauer, and Lea Charvet.

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