Welcome to No Way! An international student radio show of Bergen.

In this show we will talk about the news in Norway and interesting topics for international students, do interviews with different people and discover the uncharted world of alternative music.

Latest podcasts

    When is art "too avant-garde"? In this week's episode Mathilde, Chloè and Beatrice talk about the Borealist festival in Bergen. Did they like it? Wil technology imporove our relationship with art or will we be left behind? To find this out, they also interview Michael - a volunteer and Birk Nygaard on how he arrange the visual effects for the exhibitions.
  • We go to the hospital, but also, not really
    How is it to go to the Clinic/ Hospital here? Are we well? What does being "well" really mean? What does WHO's definition of health really mean? Those questions, not answered on this podcast.Except the first one. We talk about our experience with the healthcare system in Norway.
  • Christmas Episode No Way
    As the year winds down, Varun, Mathilde, and Stella read a classic French story by Guy de Maupassant. Mathilde shares a story about French pastries.
  • No Way 2x12: Looking into the Crystal Ball
    In this week's episode, our heros explore the pitfalls of AirBnB vacationing, how internationals come to know and adapt to the city of Bergen and venture a guess about how our future is going to look like. Of course, a highbrow discussion of current events is not omitted in a new installment of our fan favorite "news from around the world". Host: Bastian; Co-Hosts: Stella & Varun
  • No Way Podcast 11
    Politics in Bergen and exam preparation This week we have guest from a student organization called "EDDA Bergen", that is observing elections in Eastern Europe, and we talk about how you survive exam season.

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