Welcome to No Way! An international student radio show of Bergen.

In this show we will talk about the news in Norway and interesting topics for international students, do interviews with different people and discover the uncharted world of alternative music.

Latest podcasts

  • No way 16.10-2019
    This show we talked about news from Norway and Germany. Stella have a very powerful statement about the attack in Halle in Germany. We also have an interjuv with Amatorkultur. Sigrun teaches us about some Norwgeian culture
  • No Way 2x06: Save the Wolves!
    This week Varun, Sigrun and Bastian talk about the very uncommon case of an anti-knitting attitude in a Norwegian highschool, the conservation of wolves as well as other news and the movie Echo, that was shown during the Bergen International Film Festival. Stella delves further into our thematic focus on climate change by talking to participants of the climate strike in Bergen.
  • No Way 2x05: How to save the world... and hike through it
    In this week's episode, Mathilde welcomes Stella and Bastian to the studio. They discuss both serious and funny news out of their home countries and talk about their hiking experiences here in Norway. Topping it off is Stella having an insightful conversation with Martin Skadal from the NGO World Saving Hustle.
  • No Way 2x04: Who are we - Volunteers of Bergen
    This week's episode Bastian and Stella have some guests from the student organisation Kvarteret. They also talk about Bastian's work on founding a tenants' union at his home and of course they prepared some news from the world for you.
  • A Church, A Disease, A Trial
    St John's Church, with the adjoining hospital was at the epicentre of a discovery that changed the way the world talks about Leprosy. This is that story, and it is narrated by Professor Emeritus at University of Bergen, Lorentz Irgens. This is a story of ingenious, cruel medical practice, and one of the world's first medical trials. And it happened in Bergen.

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